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Searches Group have been the UK's leading full-service provider of end-to-end Anti-Money Laundering Due Diligence solutions for over 10 years.

Our solutions integrate data and knowledge to help you demonstrate compliance with legislation and regulations. AML Search includes Customer Due Diligence (CDD) for individuals and organisations, on-going Due Diligence (ODD), alert, PEP and watch list filtering, screening and monitoring, document management and audit record keeping.

We provide unmatched depth of real-time data in your AML Due DIligence program by incorporating a wide range of independent data sources for Personal and Non-Personal initial and on-going due diligence.

Guard against system obsolescence with a proven data model that encompasses individuals and businesses worldwide.

Reduce false positives and enhances performance by automatically applying a Risk Based Approach to Customer Due Diligence organisation wide, automatically generating alerts and warnings that can be subjected to additional investigation or escalation – allowing your personnel to quickly and easily carry out their Due Diligence in real-time.

Improve the effectiveness of initial and ongoing Due Diligence with an automated alerts monitoring process that risk-ranks alerts based on every customer.

We make it simple and easy for you to rapidly process clients, avoiding unnecessary delays or costs, using a web-based interface that supports the input, assessment, management and reporting needs of types of user, without the need of specific software or Anti-Money Laundering training.

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Client Due Diligence
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Why AML Search ?


Our unique electronic Risk Assessments reduce time and costs by automating your CDD, monitoring and record keeping


Simply and quickly implement and demonstrate your compliance with regulations, law and best-practice procedures


No license fees, upfront costs or per user seat fees, AML Search is a simple pay-as-you use service that can be treated as a disbursement


Our experienced support team are available to assist you and your personnel in real-time through our integral support systems

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Find out how simple compliant Client Due Diligence Risk Assessments can be with AML Search v4